My first job in design and web development was with this digital agency based in Wollongong. Here I honed my web design craft, and kick-started my career in front-end development.

League and Legends - Mobile design

Working in a small team, I was handed a lot of both design and development responsibilities. This allowed me to grow my skills in both areas. Initially my tasks were primarily design-related, including handling logo design, branding, print design, and UI design. Over my stint at Internetrix, my work took on development tasks, initially starting with HTML and CSS static web-page "cuts", and moving into more complex web application development.

Internetrix brand

During my time working at Internetrix, I was able to learn much of my foundational web design and development skills by building many websites for a wide-range of clients. Some websites I worked on include:

By the end of my tenure at the agency, I had contributed a lot to the company brand also, building a new brand guidelines and contributing to print and web designs for the brand.